The Detrimental Reasons Behind Why You’re Not Losing Weight

You are working hard with your diets and workouts but still not losing weight. To help you, we’ve put together the main factors that can increase your weight loss results.

So you’re going to the gym a few times a week, you’ve managed how to avoid those donuts in the staff canteen, you’ve even stopped adding sugar in your tea.

Yet you are still far away from your perfect weight. What is reason.. what’s going on?

Well, don’t worry. Losing weight is a difficult process.
It takes a lot more time and effort to loose pounds.

Below we are telling three detrimental factors that often cause those hoping to shed pounds to lose faith…

What’s the reason, Why You’re Not Losing Weight
Here’s why you may not losing weight even though you’re following a strict diet and workout plan:


1. You’re Not Taking Enough Sleep

You have to believe, losing weight is not just about eating less and exercising more – how much sleep you are taking also has a huge role to play.

Sleep is essential for all aspects of our physical and mental health.
Disrespecting your body’s need for sleep is probably the biggest reason of your failure to lose weight.

one of the researches shows that adults who slept poorly had a 55% greater risk of becoming obese compared to their well-rested fellows.
There are many reasons why sleep is important for weight loss. A lot of these shows the role sleep plays in fortifying our mental strength and how that is related to our willpower.


2. You’re Losing Weight, Just Not As Quickly As You Hoped

Weight loss is a journey, not a sprint. Where it’s quite possible to put on weight quite quickly, the reverse isn’t true.

loosing more pounds takes a commitment of months, not weeks.

It’s not uncommon for those who are trying to lose weight to drop pounds quickly in the start but contineuing at that rate is simply unrealistic.

Instead of being impetient exercise regularly and check your weight on scale daily, being conciouse about some thing can also reduce weight some time.

And if its getting more than a month of working out and eating well and still not losing weight, then maybe it is time to take a look at some of the other reason that can effect your weight – your sleep, for instance.


3. You’re Skipping Meals Instead Of Simply Eating Healthy

Some things in life some time just don’t work. Diet is one of them.

Some research shows that dieting and so-called “restrictive eating” can in fact result in weight gain over time.

Many diets actually see people losing weight through a drop in muscle mass and not fat.

When these diets ultimately fail and most of them do fall the people will quickly regain their former weight . Uh-oh!

Forget dieting, especially fad diets because these doesn’t work. If anything you find by a magazine as the “newest” way to lose weight, just ignore it.

Instead of setting a weight loss as your task, why don’t you aim to simply become healthier and happier?

“how can I get to know if I am healthier or happier?” I hear your cry! Trust me, when you’re happier and healthier, you will get to know.

Getting happiness and health as your goals will make the life more enjoyable.

Dieting simply because you want to lose weight for aesthetic reasons means you are just looking at negative aspects, such as your outer look .

Effort of becoming a happier, healthier person is a lifestyle choice that involves only you.

What’s more, as you work toward your aims, the pounds will fall off as a natural side effect.

Well, here you go – these are the three detrimental reasons why you’re not losing weight.

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