7 Tips to Bring a Positive Change in Your Life

It’s natural to resist any change in your life. But its not the same case all the time. Infact Change is actually very good and healthy for us in both our personal and professional lives as it makes us more flexible, intoduces us new experiences and people, and opens up the doors for more chances of development.

However, if you want to bring a change in your life, you can to do it very easily and positively by following these seven tips.


1. Identify And Assess What You Want To Change

Whenever you decide to change, you must first understand why do you want to bring the change in the first place. Associate Professor Anthony Grant, from the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Unit, says that you should start by understanding your core values and identify what is important to you.

“You need to be able to identify what it is about your goal that adds to you as a person, that makes you feel better and more expansive,” Grant says.

If your goal aligns with your core values, then “the thought of it will trigger a positive gut feeling.”


2. Get Rid Of Your Life’s Negativity

It is not as simple as it may seems to be. If you’re surrounded by negativity, then how can you think to have a positive and happy life?

In fact, those who are negative or living in negative atmosphere are more stressed, they get sick more often, and have less opportunities than those who are positive or having positive soroundings
Of course, that’s easier to say than done. That’s why experts suggest that you can accomplish this goal by removing negativity from your life.


3. Exercise Daily

You may be exhausted of hearing everyone telling you that you need more exercise. Infact Exercising is great for you physical and mentle health. It’s also an excellent way to get more positive vision in life. Exercise changes the direction of most situations in our life. As Nike says, “Just Do It.” The benefits of exercise are numerous You get purpose, drive, but most of all it teaches you a discipline and way of positive living.

In beginning, when you start exercise, you feel good about yourself, which leads to having more confidence. Exercise also remove anxiety and stress and releases euphoric chemicals in the brain like endorphins and dopamine.


4. Be Nice To Everyone

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor at the University of California, Riverside, says, “People who engage in kind acts become happier over time.” The reason behind is When you’re kind to others, you feel good being a person–more moral, optimistic, and positive.”

There are numerous ways that you can be nice to others that don’t take so much time and effort. For example, you could buy a cup of coffee for a co-worker. Pay the toll for the person behind you in line. Visit a family member or friend with some gifts or sweets or drop them to the airport. Smile at counters of stores and restaurant . Or, you could help others whenever you have free time.


5. Build A Supportive Network

According to the Mayo Clinic, a “strong social support network can be critical to help you through the stress of tough times, whether you’ve had a bad day at work or a year filled with loss or chronic illness.” This group of friends, family, and well wishers is also important because they provide many benefits like providing a sense of concerns, an increase in self-esteem, and a feeling of security whenever you feel alone and need advice, information, or guidance.


6. Skip The Non Essentials

After knowing the things that are most essential in your life, it’s time to start cut down everything else. This is all about simplifying and making your life easy, so that you can focus on the things that means most to you and prevents you from getting preoccupied.

I also experience this true in the business world that when we eliminate unnecessary expenses, we can be less stressed.


7. Take Small Steps

“The one primary motivator that leads us to persevere is baby steps,” says John Brubaker on Entrepreneur. It happens because when we look at the big picture we can get overpowered with all of the steps indulge in achieving a goal.

Instead of break the big picture just goal down into systematic, take manageable small steps Then document and celebrate your achievements daily.

This will help you to win that change that you’ve been searching and seeking in a positive way and meaningful way.

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